Friday, 4 May 2018

100 WC Challenge Week #29


I was standing there at my twin brothers grave . As I fell to my  knees, a tear fell out my eye, in my head I was thinking of how he was the nicest person I ever knew.One time wanted him and I to have are birthdays together not separate, I found out why he wanted it. its's because no one wanted to go to mine. I remember that day that some kid named us the crimson red heads. that's what our group names were ever since. I shouted "WHY!" Then I couldn't find mom, so I frantically searched the house. I finally found mom in her bed with the mist fan. I sat down with her , gave her a hug and said "sorry." 

Friday, 2 March 2018

100 WC Week 22

The Goldfish

"Excuse me sir? Can I buy this Goldfish?"

"Yes, that will be $30.00."

As I hand him the cash, the water slowly turns brown.

"Can I get some new water for the fish?"


''What do you think! look at the fish!''

"Sorry sir but there is a ocean right over there."

"Okay, thanks."

When I got to the dock, I put the fish in a net and set it in the water. Right when I did that, a Pelican flew my Goldfish to a nearby store. I asked to borrow a ladder from the shop and once I got up, I fought the bird for it and finally got the fish.

Friday, 23 February 2018

100WC week 21

The Stick Dudes

Finally, a theme I actually like. The theme is "In the woods".  I like the theme because I love the theme because outdoors are awesome. My dance crew and I were judged at the park yesterday. Although we don't have the best dance, were having fun. I knew we didn't have the best dance because when we watched the other groups, we were not confident in our team. Well guess what?
The contest was bribed to today. Finally the performance is over and I could finally blog again. We got second place after doing a backflip and we had fun.  

Thursday, 8 February 2018

100 wc Week 19

Leaving the nest

"Junior? could you watch the eggs for me while I'm gone?"

"Okay mom." I moaned. I can't believe mom left me on the most rainy day with our nest built on the gutters, even worse, I had to take care of the eggs! I heard a human coming up and announced " I found  a Peregrine Falcon!" I flew up high and used my terrible screech and my mighty speed to scare away. I didn't notice that one of the eggs were gone! It came down the drainpipe. I heard a cracking sound.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

100 WC week 17

The Snake

Six minuets till lunch break and I was sick of staying in my chair staring at the gleaming clock with nothing to do for so long, so I left early. On my way to the restaurant I cycled over a snake!   . I identified it as a Storeria by the red belly. I saw out the corner of my eye a kid getting close to it so I sped to him like I was his parent. I was bitten. He was safe, I wasn't, I fell to my knees. And that's all I remember.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

100WC week14


The last thing I remember is sprinting out the door late, but on my way I catch someone at the side of my eye wearing a gi with a blow-gun, breathing heavily. "Pfft" that's what I heard when I dropped to my knees, soon I was growing, not taller but smaller, a tail, MORE HAIR? I was a monkey. scramming to work I sneakily went to my station, grabbed the laptop and checked for antidotes.
"WE SOLD OUT!" I screeched in my head.
I launched it off my desk and slowly constructed back.

Friday, 8 December 2017

100WC week 13


Sprinting to the gate until the tiger came but it all began here. My greatest friends with unnatural abilities were walking to the zoo with me just for fun, we brang weapons because we were going to the zoo with the most furious animals. -Chimpanzees would try to attack us but one friend shot it but then a tiger came. We scampered to the gate but the tiger was blocking our escape, the tiger leaped at Charles than Jack than Deric and it leapmed at Victor but he sped out of there. Victor was the one with special abilities so he used his flying abilty to get out of ther but he left me. More tigers came and leaped at me, I took out my  bow and shot one but the others leaped at me at the same time, I was stuck and suffered until victor came back and killed all the tigers and I was saved.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

100 WC week 12


Hysteria  was running through my vanes, I got picked for the finals for being first-rate. Charles and I were feeling husky, we were the most extraordinary mix martial artists there, so we got into the finals. "Cross" was what the course was called. The objective is to parkour around and on objects and take the piece of... huh? Is that white breaded sandwich? Anyways you do the same thing all the way back with the sandwich. Charles and I hurried over to the battery commercialised line felling energetic. After that 1st place was announced to... Charles! Everyone cheered but me.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

100WC Week 11

                       THE OCTOBER GHOST

Seven years could be pretty spooky. Everything started in October 1,2003. I went to a old park that exact day. They've got a new statue that looks old and frightening and in a robe. It would frighten little kids and adults think they are being watched. Others almost have heart attacks looking at It.
Anyways I would come to that park every day, but it seems like it actually moves. It would move spots every night and I thought it does that electronically. this happens every October and no one figured out what it was.

Friday, 17 November 2017

100WC Week 10


It was December 24, 1914, the first world war had already started. My house had been invaded. My mother and father had been captured. It's just me and my sister Penelipy for now. we moved into a n house. 

"Hey Pen!" I shouted. 

"How are we supposed to hide all of our luggage?"

"Ask Mr.Winston."


"Mr.Winston!" I shouted.

"Yes Jermey."

"Where should we hide all of this?"

"Put some stuff in your room."

"But where would we hide it all?"



oh gosh the enemy is attacking, ahhh...

Thursday, 2 November 2017

100WC week 8

"Hi there, this is Tom Jones next to the Olympic flame with the swimming gold medalist Steve Weston," so why did you choose white to represent your country?"

"I chose white because it's the colour my people love to see."

"Ok, and also how did it feel to get the gold metal?"

"It felt amazing although, when we celebrated, it just didn't feel right."


"Because when I looked at the other competitors they were sad and I realized how much we really care for each other."

"Oh, well signing out with Steve Weston and Tom Jones and see you all tomorrow."

100 WC Challenge Week #29

Memories I was standing there at my twin brothers grave . As I fell to my  knees, a tear fell out my eye, in my head I was thinking o...